My business is COVID-19 SAFE.

Fully vaccinated against COVID19.

Confirm with me prior to your service to ensure I am well and have no symptoms.
If you have high risk individuals at home, please talk to me about reducing the risk to them, if any.

Please observe Social Distancing Guidelines.

Please ventilate the house when I arrive and while I am there, unless advised otherwise.

All payment options accepted, although please have correct change when paying cash on the day.

Please practice good hygiene, in particular regarding sneezing and/or coughing and hand washing.
I will follow the recommended hygiene practises and wear appropriate PPE as required - ie mask, gloves and safety glasses.

Please call me to discuss anti-viral and anti-bacterial options for your air conditioner, these include cleaning, advise on operation and the fitting of devices that kill virus and bacteria by exposure to UV Light (chemical free).

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